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1989’da adımları atılan, 2002’den itibaren çalışmalarına Topluluk dışındaki kuruluşları da kapsayarak devam eden Eczacıbaşı Bilişim; bilgi teknolojileri alanında müşteri ve kalite odaklı hizmet anlayışı ve etkin çözümleriyle en güvenilir teknoloji sağlayıcısı olma yolunda ilerlemektedir. Altyapı teknoloji ve çözüm geliştirme hizmetleriyle kurumsal birikimini kullanarak, en yeni teknolojileri ve uygulama alanlarını sürekli güncelleyerek faaliyetlerini sürdürmektedir.

Yeni Takım Arkadaşımızdan Neler Bekliyoruz?

Eczacıbaşı Bilişim, whose steps were taken in 1989, has continued its activities by including organizations outside the Group since 2002; It is on its way to becoming the most reliable technology provider with its customer and quality-oriented service approach and effective solutions in the field of information technologies. It continues its activities by using its corporate knowledge with infrastructure technology and solution development services and constantly updating the latest technologies and application areas.


What Do We Expect from Our New Team Member?

• Developing correct analytical solutions by understanding business problems,

• Playing an active role in Business Analytics projects, developing reports and dashboards, ensuring that projects are carried out in accordance with the selected methodology and calendar plans,

• Collecting data from different sources, preparing/cleaning the collected data in line with needs and creating data models,

• Contributing to improving customer satisfaction by examining business and system requirements and making suggestions for solving problems and improving them,

• Contributing to the growth and development of the analytical ecosystem. Conducting research on new technologies and tools and developing sample applications,

• Contributing to the creation and keeping up to date of procedural and technical standards in order to improve and develop department-related processes.

• Contributing to improving customer satisfaction by examining customer needs and providing suggestions for solving problems and improving them.

• Playing an active role in the organization of the Community Advanced Analytics “Center of Excellence”.

Nasıl bir takım arkadaşı arıyoruz?

What kind of teammate are we looking for?

  • Completed undergraduate/master's education preferably in engineering departments of universities or basic science departments such as Mathematics and Statistics,

• Having worked actively in MicroStrategy or a similar business intelligence platform for at least 4 years and specialized in this field,

• Experienced and specialized in SQL, database design and data modeling,

• Experienced in the relevant field for at least 5 years

• Curious about new technologies and open to learning,

• Working solution and result oriented,

• Proficiency in written and spoken English.

Burada senin için ne var?

What is here for you?

* You can continuously improve your personal, professional, and technical competencies by participating in our training programs that support you and your career.

* Opportunities for global opportunities and rotation among more than 120 international markets among more than 50 organizations can always knock on your door.

* Leaves at Eczacıbaşı are calculated according to the seniority year based on the total working experience of the person. Your permission comes with you.

* We always appreciate their success with different rewarding methods.

* You can benefit from location-independent or hybrid working opportunities with different working models according to the nature of your job, and you can determine your own working schedule with flexible working hours. We offer technology and ergonomics support packages to Eczacıbaşı employees who work remotely full-time.

* Being a parent working at Eczacıbaşı is privileged. At Eczacıbaşı, our employees who are mothers are provided with monthly nursery support and our employees who are fathers are entitled to 3-week paternity leave.


* We are determined to provide equal opportunity in employment. We value diversity and do not discriminate based on race, religion, color, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, age, marital status or seniority.



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